NoVA Fun Series: Burke Lake Park

This post is part of the NoVA Fun series, a growing list of budget-friendly and family-friendly activities in the Northern Virginia and D.C. Metro area. If you have suggestions for the list, please leave a comment below or contact me at

Burke Lake Park (Fairfax County Park Authority official site)


burke lake map
Map of Burke Lake Park from Fairfax County Park Authority site 

What are some features of the Burke Lake Park?

Trail is about 4.5 miles


Burke Lake Park features a ~4.5 mile hiking/walking/biking trail that goes around the entire lake as well as a par 3 golf course, driving range, mini golf, disc golf course, handicap accessible fishing ports, 4 beach volleyball courts, camping area, picnic area, fitness course, miniature train, playground, carousel, and much more.


How long does it take to do the trail and what’s the terrain like?

Mrs. Frugalee, Jr. Frugalee, and I walked the ~4.5 mile trail yesterday, and it took about 2 hours going at a slow pace (~27 min/mile) and taking some breaks. I would set aside at least an hour and a half (20 min/mile) if you plan on walking the entire trail. Besides walkers, there were joggers and bikers on the trail as well. We took our stroller, but I would recommend a somewhat heavy-duty stroller as the trail can be bumpy in certain areas.

Jr. Frugalee showing you the terrain

The trail is mostly packed dirt/gravel, but there is also a paved section of the trail from about the 0 mile marker to the accessible fishing ports.


We enjoy having picnics here at Burke Lake Park when the weather is warm. There are plenty of grassy areas with trees interspersed to provide shade.


Is there a fee to get into Burke Lake Park?

There are no fees whatsoever on weekdays (M-F). Entrance to the park is always free for Fairfax County residents.

There’s only a fee for non-Fairfax County residents on weekends and holidays from April through late October. Cars and large vans are $10, motorcycles are $5, and buses are $40.


Below is a visual walkthrough of the Burke Lake Park

Some rules at Burke Lake Park. Dog-friendly! Watch out for bikers!
Fishing is allowed here, but you need a license. There are length limits on your catch as well.
More fishing rules
There’s fitness circuit of 18 exercises. Here’s one of them.
Jr. Frugalee showing you how to do the balance beam
Another exercise on the fitness circuit
Lots of benches on the trail like this one so you can rest
Another bench
There’s even a miniature train! Train ride is free for children under 2 and $2.75 for everyone else. Carousel rides are $2. More info on the train and carousel here
Accessible fishing ports around Mile Marker 4
The Dam between Mile Marker 3.5 and 4
Here’s a shot of the amphitheater
There are a total of 4 sand volleyball courts (2 pictured here)
Here’s the info if you want to reserve the volleyball courts


Mile markers along the way like this one
And this one
The views are awesome
Took  about 2 hours to walk the entire trail. Jr. Frugalee fell asleep by the end, but he thoroughly enjoyed it

Hope you get a chance to enjoy Burke Lake Park as much as Jr. Frugalee did!


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